Helping Jungkook Staff Members Post Show Proves He's The Most Hardworking And Humble Person Ever

Helping Jungkook Staff Members Post Show Proves He’s The Most Hardworking And Humble Person Ever

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Jeon Jungkook of BTS is one of the cutest members of the most popular Korean pop boy band. He is not only an amazing singer and dancer, but he is also the most hardworking and charming person. Cookie is BTS’s golden corn and he likes to be like a good obedient kid to his hyungs. And he will obey whatever his hyung asks for. Although he is not completely submissive, Jungkook can be cruel and give a hard time to his hyungs. But today we will talk about how polite and sweet Jungkook is and has a helpful side. So, here are 10 times Jungkook has helped staff members prove he’s the dumbest idol ever. Jungkook is very polite with everyone and treats everyone with respect. So much so that once he bowed to a dog who was old enough to pay respect to him.

run bts episode 140. of bts

Jungkook is looking for everyone, the Hyungs and even the staff members. In BTS of the latest episode of Run BTS, Jungkook was seen walking up a flight of stairs, and asked the cameraman to be careful who was filming him. Not only this, he also kept an eye on where the cameraman was walking all the time.

when he helped the sweepers

Jungkook is a statue. However, he doesn’t mind helping out after the performance which makes him more desirable than ever. It so happened that after a BTS performance, in which Jungkook performed with drums, he helped the staff get set up. Check out the video below:

When Jungkook helped the employees by picking up the garbage

Too many idols don’t care to leave the trash. But it seems our kooky is obsessed with cleanliness. Jungkook once helped staff members of the Idol Star Athletics Championships clean up trash. This happened in 2017. A staff member was touched by this gesture of Golden Corn. Employees took to social media and said, “I saw BTS Jungkook in a new light. Other idols would leave their trash on the floor after eating and drinking, but Jungkook helped me when I picked up the trash and carried a garbage bag.” Was… He has a very good personality.” Check out the video below:

when he slipped but ran for help

At the Melon Music Awards, Jungkook took a step and when the staff rushed to manage the same, Jungkook joined them in correcting the move. Check out the video below:

Helping Big Hit employees clean up after meals

Jungkook is so beloved that he often helps Big Hit employees clean up the mess. He also cleans the dishes, also cleans the table.

Helper for Run BTS Episode

Run BTS is quite popular among the masses and people often look forward to each new episode full of games and fun times. However, organizing the entire episode is a task. However, why is fear closely associated with Jungkook? Check out the video below:

when he cleaned the stage

Once RM spilled water on the stage. And Jungkook helped quickly by clearing the water. Check out the video here:

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