BTS's J-Hope shows how he strikes a balance between his image and the complex realities of life.

BTS’s J-Hope shows how he strikes a balance between his image and the complex realities of life.

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Recently, in an interview with Rolling Stone, South Korean pop band BTS member J-Hope revealed how he balances between his constantly optimistic image with the ups and downs that come in his life. The Handsome star revealed how her attitude towards life has changed and she has started seeing the bright side of her life. As an artist he said that he has started showing his more complex feelings through his music. Also read- Suga of BTS revealed about her dating life; The army will be stunned

J-Hope revealed that one feels burdened and pressured as an artist. He was quoted as saying, “Things are really different from before. I just try to show who I really am. I think it’s the most comfortable for me. Everyone has, you You know, there are different sides to what they show. Of course, as an artist there is a burden and pressure on me. I just take them for what they are. I just try to express that I am going to overcome these difficulties. Also read- RM of BTS saying ‘I am sorry to disturb you’ in his concert proves his kindness and down-to-earth nature

J-Hope even stated that all BTS members have become more natural throughout the years and have begun to show real-life emotions. He even went on to say, “Before we just try to show [the fans] Good side, our bright side. As my name is J-Hope, I only tried to show the bright side of my group and myself. But as time goes by, one cannot feel the same forever so I felt other emotions as well. I tried to express those feelings through music or dialogue, to express them in a very beautiful way “. ALSO READ- Man Crush Monday: RM (Rap Monster) aka Kim Namjoon of BTS is an ideal leader, hyung and a genius who we can’t stop bitching – see photos

J-Hope revealed how his band members find solace in expressing their true feelings because their fans can resonate with their realistic themes. J-Hope’s song ‘Arrogance’ expresses many emotions and scared feelings that arise when chasing your dreams. J-Hope tries to convince others that one should not lose hope in life.

He reveals that his song ‘Ego’ is about his life and the conclusion is one that comes out of this inner reflection in which he believes. The star puts his feelings into his songs and allows fans to feel a deeper connection with him.

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