Sunil Shetty says that he failed in Bollywood after enjoying stardom for a few years;  Congratulations Tiger and Ayushmann

Sunil Shetty says that he failed in Bollywood after enjoying stardom for a few years; Congratulations Tiger and Ayushmann

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Sunil Shetty has been in the industry for 3 decades now and has had his share of hits and misses. He made his Bollywood debut in 1992 in Balwan. She was later seen in many other films like Saput, Hu Tu Tu, Krodh, Hera Pheri, Dus, Kaante, Border, Gopi Kishan and Chup Chup Ke. He was one of the few action heroes of Bollywood and enjoyed early stardom like his contemporaries Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan. Sunil now has no qualms in admitting that he failed in Bollywood after a few years.

“I think in your period of time, be it Ayushmann Khurrana or Tiger Shroff, they will start experimenting as well. It is important to urge a picture and that they have a special image for themselves. These two names can only be appreciated, salute them, ”Sunil told IANS.

“My problem is not being typecast, my problem is playing safe. This is not the subject that affects me the maximum amount because the banners you choose to travel with, such as ‘I will only work with XYZ’, ‘Who is the director?’ That is, you do not have your own decision. Keep Ayushmann and Tiger out of it because they need to go with the subjects, the directors, not just the banners. “

Sunil feels that the new generation of actors needs to create a personal style. “No risk (means) you are not an actor like me. Create your own style. Look at Tiger, Ayushmann, Salman, these are all self-made. All people were self-made. Yes, we made mistakes but there have been Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan who came out with flying colors, ”he said.

He continued, “There was a Sunil Shetty who failed after a few years because he had faith in the subject but marketing failed.”

Sunil feels that his journey in Bollywood will help his son Ahaan to pave his way, now he is ready to enter Bollywood. “What I am trying to mention, I am talking about box-office. We start with the box-office and the response of the people. Today no one risks a Rs 50 crore film with Sunil Shetty Won’t take it, but they are going to risk a Rs 500 crore film with Akshay Kumar. Like I said, I have made mistakes but it’s okay. Probably being employed by my son, “he said.

Sunil is happy with how his trend in Bollywood is taking shape. “It’s a wonderful trip. I’m grateful that that’s all I can say,” he concluded.

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